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My iPad won't connect to the Internet.

iPads have trouble connecting to the Internet for a variety of reasons.

  • Try is opening the zScaler app. It looks like a white cloud with a blue Z through it. 

  • After you open zScaler, the app will automatically log you in. Be patient, this can take up to a minute.  The app will have a section that says Service Status.  It will say Connecting... 

  • If you see Service Status turn to ON, try accessing the Internet again.

  • If Service Status says Error, or anything else that shows it isn't connected, close zScaler.  Then go to Settings, and turn Airplane Mode ON (toggle the switch so it turns green).  Next, you'll need to force close all the open Apps.  Double press the home button (round button at the bottom of the iPad), and swipe up to close all Apps.  

  • Now, go back to Settings.  Turn Airplane Mode OFF.

  • Go back to zScaler, and try connecting again.  If you are still unable to connect, repeat the steps to turn Airplane Mode ON and then OFF.  

Still having issues? Please email us using this button.

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