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The iPad assigned to my child is lost or it was stolen.  What do I do next?

There is a NYC DOE policy about this.  All iPads that are either lost or stolen cannot be replaced until you file a police report for it.  We are unable to assign a new iPad to your child until we send the police report number to the DOE.

When you go to the precinct to file the report, you will need to give them some information, including the information on the stickers on the back of the iPad.  Ms. Malara has a record of the Asset Tag and Serial Number of the iPad assigned to your child.  It is very important to keep this information for yourself as well, ESPECIALLY if you have more than one student with an iPad at home.  

The officer taking the report at the precinct will also ask for the value of the iPad and the accessories, which is $800.

If the precinct refuses to take the report, you must let us know immediately so that we can contact the DOE.

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